« Les Camps Futés » has heard the calls from the Anglophone community…

The very essence of ‘’Les Camps Futés’’ is based on self-esteem and recognizing each child as an individual. We are proud to provide children with social and life skills.

Each morning, at 8:55am, we come together to experience a « Fireworks » moment with one of our 8 objects. These 8 objects, which are integrated into our camp schedule, is what gives « Les Camps Futés » its character and makes it unique.

Offer him tools for life

The main curriculum is Divertissement Réfléchi (DR) (Thoughtful Entertainment)
Your child will be thrilled to bring home a toolbox full of items that will help him or her become more self-confident! Camps Futés were the first camps in Quebec to offer the Thoughtful Entertainment program.

Through playful activities, the children will learn to use the graphic communication tools, the 8 Camps Futés Items. Each of these articles illustrates a specific behaviour to adopt and is associated with an attitude or a quality that stimulates self-confidence and self-esteem.These objects are integrated into the daily curriculum as teachable moments that help create a rich and lively program.

Discover these 8 items that, when integrated to the camp’s daily schedule, give it the unique and thoughtful character that is integral to the particular culture of Camps Futés.


Bringing meaning to the activities



The notion of having fun


Pride. Celebration. Recognition.

Red clown nose

Laughter. Simplicity. Positivity.

Leopard skin coat

Going beyond. Courage. Initiative.


Self-awareness. Listening to others. Respect for emotions


Self-affirmation. Opinions. The power of words.


One’s self. Family. Friends

Sand timer

Breathing. Self control. Being present in the moment.


Accepting one’s own strengths and weaknesses. The right to shine. Learning to love one’s self.

Each child will also receive the P’tit Futé journal to help track his or her progress during the day camp. This tool, written entirely in English, is both fun and useful and allows parents to learn more about what their kids are accomplishing.

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7:00 AM 8:55 AM 9:00 AM 10:15 AM 10:30 AM 11:15 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 2:45 PM 3:00 PM 3:50 PM 4:00 PM 6:00 PM
Supervision (free) Fireworks Activity Thematic Activity or OPTIONAL ACTIVITY according to the choice made at registration Snack Continuation of optional or thematic activities Leopard Skin Coat Activity Lunch and Fireworks Activity Futés in Action Seashell Activity Microphone Activity (time for snack and writing in the P’tit Futé journal) Activity based on the individual counsellor’s schedule (thematic games, arts and crafts, sports, or other) Sand Timer Activity (parents and children) Supervision (free) End of supervision
The cost for one week at camp is $170, but….


How much does a week at Camps Futés really cost? Depending on your family income, a week at camp could cost anywhere from $20 to $98. Don’t believe us? According to the government, day camps constitute “daycare” and are eligible for tax breaks. Below you will find some sample situations that will help illustrate the deduction percentages you might be eligible for, based on your family income.

*May vary depending on your family situation. Ask your accountant for more details.

Various situations for one week at camp ($170)

Family income Provincial Federal Actual Cost
More Than $153 425 26.00% ($61.64) 12.53% ($20.04) $98.36
Around $85 000 60.00% ($96.00) 12.53% ($20.04) $43.96
Less than $25 000 75.00% ($120.00) 12.53% ($20.04) $19.96
This is a tax credit that goes from 26% to 75%, thus reducing the amount of tax you pay. The amount goes down as your family income increases. You need to have a net family income of more than $150 000 before reaching the lowest rates. This is a reduction of gross income by the amount of the fees paid. This reduction in income leads to a reduction in taxes to be paid. If one of the partners has no income, the Quebec credit can be claimed. The actual cost of a week at camp that costs $160 would be a maximum of $98 if tax credits are taken into consideration. Deductions will vary. The cost of one week at camp can be as low as only $20

Your Statement 24 can be found in the online registration section and will be available as of February 28th following your child’s camp experience. This form will make claiming your allowances easier come tax time.

To find out more or to register online for the expected payment, go to: http://www.revenuquebec.ca/fr/citoyen/credits/credit_enfant/versements/default.aspx

Please take note that the free extended hours between 7 and 9 a.m. and 4 and 6 p.m and the optional activities are both given in French, though your kid is more than welcome!

More information

This is the inaugural year and introductory stage of the English program so all the information provided on our website is still completely in French. However, Nathalie, our customer care representative, is always available at 514-990-1414 ext. 2, and she will be happy to answer any of your questions or provide you with all necessary information in English.

What else should be done before registering?

  1. Find the camp located nearest you
  2. Consult the list of optional activities and choose the ones that might interest your child
  3. Click on registration on your camp’s page
  4. Enter your family information on the registration website (Sport-Plus) and choose the Anglophone community – Div. Réfléchi for the weeks you would like your children to attend the camp, as well as any optional activities that might be of interest.

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